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Whittington Monday AM Ladies

WHERE: Whittington VIC 3219

WHO: Ladies

WHAT: Bible Study

WHEN: Monday, 10am, Weekly

HOW: With about 10 ladies sitting around the table and studying the Words of God, the group provides an interactive platform for the ladies who come from different backgrounds to gather together and gain knowledge and wisdom through the Bible.

Belmont Tuesday AM Senior

WHERE: Belmont VIC 3216

WHO: Seniors

WHAT: Fellowship, Bible Study

WHEN: Tuesday, 10:30am, Weekly

HOW: By having hymns singing, prayer, morning tea, Bible study, etc., a very strong connection between group members has been built in this group. Currently having around 15 members in this group, Ray & Sheila would love to see new members in the coming year.

Highton Tuesday PM Families

WHERE: Highton VIC 3216

WHO: Young Families

WHAT: DVD Series, Prayer, Social Events

WHEN: Tuesday, 7:30pm, Fortnightly

HOW: Our group is very relaxed and welcomes children and is accommodating to new people. Note: We eat a lot of chocolate!

Belmont Tuesday PM Youth

WHERE: Belmont VIC 3216

WHO: Youth

WHAT: Bible Study, Social Events

WHEN: Tuesday, 7:30pm, Fortnightly

HOW: Young people come to our group to relax, have fun, and make friends. We are young people and enjoy our life in Christ. Different kinds of social events are organised every month. We are a busy group accommodating busy young people.

Belmont Tuesday PM Men

WHERE: Belmont VIC 3216

WHO: Blokes

WHAT: Bible Study, Prayer

WHEN: Tuesday, 7:45pm, Weekly

HOW: As Christian men we share our struggles, battles and victories in living a life which seeks to follow Jesus. We study the word, seeking God and endeavouring to be the men that God calls us to be.

Grovedale Thur PM Everyone

WHERE: Grovedale VIC 3216

WHO: Everyone

WHAT: Fellowship

WHEN: Thursday, 7:30pm, Weekly

HOW: This group welcomes everyone to join them for fellowship meetings.

Family Connect

WHERE: Belmont VIC 3216

WHO: Young Adults, Families

WHAT: Social Events

WHEN: Friday / Saturday, Once a month

HOW: 'Family Connect' is a social opportunity for young adults and young families to develop deeper connections and friendships outside the regular Sunday meetings. It is aimed to build up our younger 'Church Family' as well as create outreach opportunities to invite new young adults or families along.