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Mainly Music

Currently we have four Mainly Music programs. One at Winchelsea, one at Anglesea, one at Torquay and another at Waurn Ponds. The Winchelsea program has 30 families registered and currently operates a waiting list. The Anglesea program has 20 families registered. Torquay has 26 families registered. The Waurn Ponds program has 45 families registered and also operates a waiting list.

Our goal is to facilitate Mainly Music programs in the Surf Coast so that no family is more than a 30 minute drive from one.

Mainly Music is a program that introduces children to music, dance, beat, rhythm and more, as well as providing a base for families to think about the God-part of life. It is amazing to think that all this can be achieved in a loving environment that parents, or carers, can share with their children.

September 2019

Mission facts:

Leaders: Phil & Julie Shirley (Directors of Surf Coast Ministries)

  • Number of Volunteers Involved: 29 as at 12th September 2019
  • Number of families involved: 121 over the four sites as at 12th September 2019
  • We began mainly music at the beginning of 2013 in Winchelsea, at Waurn Ponds in 2014, at Anglesea in 2015 and at Torquay in August 2017

Prayer Point:
Mainly Music program, those started and those that will start in the future.