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The church in Myanmar is located in a place called Tachileik on the Thailand border. Pastor Morris is a Burmese pastor of an independent Pentecostal church. Our support to the church and orphanage has been ongoing for the past three years. The people there have a heart for mission and are doing all they can to spread the Gospel. They regularly visit villages to evangelise and baptise people in water. These visits reach places in the Mea Khong River area and also in Laos. Leadership training seminars are organised in Mae Sai annually to train pastors from villages around Tachileik.

Mission facts:

Leader: Ps Morris Gunci

  • Our support is $300 every month for a leadership seminar and other training

Prayer Point:

Ps Morris and his family as they take care of children in the orphanage. Also, pray that their hunger to spread the Gospel will increase.