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Church Course: The Holy Spirit – Your Helpful Friend

The Holy Spirit – Your Helpful Friend

From May 29th – June 19th, over four Sunday evenings, we looked at the person and work of the Holy Spirit. Millions of people around the world have discovered that God’s Holy Spirit is a wonderful Person, not just an influence. Do you know what His work is? How well do you know Him?

The aim of this short series is to encourage you to develop a close relationship with the Holy Spirit. To draw from His life, to pray with His help, to follow His leading, and to seek for His baptism of power, helping you to live a victorious Christian life.

Our experience of the Spirit-filled life depends greatly on our spiritual hunger and thirst.


29 May 2016 – Week 1 – Simon Edward: Let me introduce to you my friend — Holy Spirit.

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5 June 2016 – Week 2 – Julie Pearse: The Holy Spirit helps us pray

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12 June 2016 – Week 3 – Dave Manning: The Holy Spirit leads us

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19 June 2016 – Week 4 – Paul Morgan: The Holy Spirit wants to empower us

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