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God Series – How He relates to you

This 4-week series is about God and looking at 4 ways God relates to us – His creation. There are many questions about God. For the unbeliever, the questions are whether He really exists and, if He does exist, why bad things happen.
The series will not deal directly with these types of questions; but will reinforce that He does exist, that He is a living God and is close to us through Jesus.

Each week is based on 4 different versions of flyers that are sent out to the entire 3216 postcode community demonstrating:

God hears us when we pray to Him
God loves us because He is Love
No matter who we are God accepts us
Uncertainty is growing in our communities and world, but we have hope because God saved us through Jesus

The approach to the series is to remind the Christian how God relates to us; and for the unbeliever, that it changes their perspective of who they think God is.

This campaign will have its focus on Sundays: 12 February, 26 February and 12 March, 26 March

It is an evangelistic outreach and we need to cover it in prayer for the people who receive a flyer, that it will speak to them and they will be bold enough to come to church to hear the message presented in the flyer.

On Sunday 5 February, we will pray for our community and the flyers as part of our Vision Sunday. Let’s continue to believe together that people will find Jesus during this campaign and experience the power of God.